Photo de l'artiste



Benoît HAVARD was born in 1981 in Orléans in France.

 He takes lessons of drawings in "Fine-Arts" of Caen in Normandie in his 16 years old and enters the school "Fine-Arts" of Cherbourg in 17 years as a student.

 At 19 years old , the artist begins painting pastels then oil paintings in various places. He paints as an instinctive manner.  He knows how to grab ambiences, movements, to pick up light and to carry us away in his dream. His portraits are impressive of realism. His palette, hot for the countries and rich in ochres, yellow and orange , which distinct with the blue of the African sky.

 In October, 2002 he spends fourteen days in Morocco, during his stay he visited Oases, Souks, Kasbah, the harbours, the fishing port which give to painting lively tones which bring to light a surprising contrast... light of the East cross his paintings, inviting the spectator to the magic of  a trip.